March 27, 2008

Khmer Traditional Fishing Tools II

1-Lop Nor is mad of bomboo and used in the great lake area and inside flood forest.

2-Chhnuk can be mounted on boats, a floating bamboo raft and runing in the great lake.

3-Sorm is used at the end of the rainy season it is fished to hard and soft-shelled turtle.

4-Chhneang Tram is used during flood recesion period, it is fishing to Trey Riel, Trey Kaek, Trey Chhkok...

5-Paong Antong is coverd with the dry grass to hide it and it is used in the rising water. It fishing to Trey Chhlang, Trey Kanchos

6-Chann is a drop-door and used during the rising flood, it is fishing to Trey Krum, Trey Prul...


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