March 30, 2008

Khmer Study Guide

Khmer Study Guide
Sunday tngay ah-dtue
Monday tngay jahn
Tuesday tngay ong-kia
Wednesday tngay bput
Thursday tngay bproh-hoes
Friday tngay sohk
Saturday tngay saov
January mak-k’rah
February kom-piak
March mi-nah
April meh-sah
May us-spia
June mi-toh-nah
July kah-kah-dah
August sey-hah
September kanh-nhah
October dtoh-lah
November vi-cheh-kah
December t’nu
0 sohn
1 moouy
2 bpi
3 bey
4 booun
5 bprahm
6 bprahm moouy
7 bprahm bpi
8 bprahm bey
9 bprahm booun
10 dop
11 dop moouy
12 dop bpi
13 dop bey
14 dop booun
15 dop bprahm
16 dop bprahm moouy
17 dop bprahm bpi
18 dop bprahm bey
19 dop bprahm booun
20 m’pey
21 m’pey moouy
22 m’pey bpi
23 m’pey bey
24 m’pey booun
25 m’pey bprahm

30 sahm-seu-p
40 saeh-seu-p
50 hah seu-p
60 hoh-k-seu-p
70 jeu-t-seu-p
80 bpeaht-seu-p
90 kaow—seu-p
100 moouy-rohy
101 moouy-rohy-moou
110 moouy-rohy-do!p
200 bpi-rohy
300 bey-rohy
1,000 moouy-bpoe-n
2,000 bpi-bpoe-n
5,000 bprah-m-bpoe-n
10,000 moouy-meun
100,000 moouy-saehn
1 million moouy-lein
Positive bohk
Negative dok


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