April 1, 2008

Yoga for Healthy I

Vakrasam: This asan reduces the fats of the back. It is beneficial for liver and spleen. Increase blood circulation and spine becomes strong and flexible.

Ardhamatseryandrasan: This is one of the basic yoga poses. It is a beautiful posture. When executed correctly, you will feel like a peacock majestically unfolding his large, colorful fan. In order to make this posture easy to master, we will present it in three stage. Do the first stage first. After a week, add stage two to your schedule and after another week, add stage three.

Yogmudrasan 2: This is another way of doing the Yogmudrasan

Yogmudrasan 1: This asan increased the digestive power and is very good for stomach. It eliminates gas disorders and relieves constipation. It activates pancreas and helps in controlling diabetes. All disorders of abdominal intestines are removed. Swelling of liver and other liver related diseases are cured. Urinary system is improved. It reduces excess fat accumulated on the abdomen and improves flow of blood in the brain.


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